Three articles for Romeing magazine

In 2018 Tessa Vrijmoed has published her first articles in English. Especially for Romeing, your ultimate guide to Rome’s cultural scene, events and lifestyle, she wrote three pieces, each about a different topic.

The Women Of Saint Peter’s Basilica: did you know that there are three women buried in Saint Peter’s Basilica? In this article Tessa speaks about who they were and why they were given such an honorable resting place.

Three Under The Radar Ancient Sites In Rome: Rome is full of discoveries. But besides the well-known monuments like the Colosseum and the Pantheon, there is so much more to explore. Check out these three minor sites worth visiting.

A Mom’s Survival Kit To Rome: if you become a mother, you start looking at the world with different eyes. This article tries to help out parents who are struggling to make their stay in Rome a pleasant one, for their kids and for themselves.

Vicus Caprarius, an under the radar ancient site in Rome
Vicus Caprarius, an under the radar ancient site in Rome
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